Alan Moore // The Possibility of Life on Another World

Alan Moore is a funny chap. He is an internationally acclaimed writer, responsible for hundreds are culturally impactful works including V for Vendetta, Watchmen, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Swamp Thing and so much more. 

He is one of the few people out there who is who he say's he is. His political and social political conscience possesses him whenever he lifts his pen to write and, during this artistic collaboration, I had the very rare privilege of spending time with this genuinely incredible person.

After working on a few articles on his underground magazine 'Dodgem Logic', myself and a few of my closest collaborators, Gavin & Alix Wallace, were asked to work closely with him on a short story he was to write. The plan was that we would deliver him an image and he would write a portion of the story. Then we would produce a second image and he would respond with another stage of his story. In the end, we simplified the process - he wrote the story in its entirety and we simply illustrated it. This became necessary because the first image I produced was 'far too violent' for Alan. I thought is was more comedy than gore but upon reflection, I can see his point. This image was later requested by the Repurposed Theatre in San Francisco.